The art of selling old phones: Tips and tricks

Upgrading phones becomes a necessity after a certain period of time. This means you can’t delay the expenses of buying another phone for too long. Especially in this era of swift technology transformation, you can’t rely on one device forever. Things are evolving super fast. Being a social animal, we all have to walk through the journey of transforming technology. Purchasing new devices means inviting new expenses every now and then. Most of us bear those heavy price tags and disturb our financial stability. Meanwhile, our old phones gather dust in the drawers.

Wait! Can’t you do something about these old phones?? Yes, you definitely can!! These old phones can be valuable too. You can sell them in the market.

Well, even the thought of finding a potential buyer and money discussions become daunting for most of us. Isn’t there any trick to selling old phones like a Pro and still staying away from all of the complexities? Well, you must know that there is a smart way to sell phones instead of keeping them at home. You can make a wise move by cracking a deal and earning some extra money. Let’s explore how can you do this:

Assess the condition

The journey begins with accurately assessing the condition of your old phone. Look for the camera, battery, screen dents and scratches, speaker microphone, and rest of the important things that matter in a phone. This way, you will get to know about the real condition of your phone.

Research the market value

To get a reasonable amount for your phone, you should check for its price in the market. Create a rough idea about what value should you expect from selling your old phone online.

Wipe the data safely

You would not want the new user to have access to your personal data. To safeguard your information, you should restore your phone to factory settings.

Choose the right platform

According to the market trends, the value of smartphones depreciates very quickly. You lose approx 30% of the smartphone value within the very first month of purchase. So it is important to find a suitable platform to sell your old phone to get reasonable value for it.

Selling old phones online has become easier these days with This is among the top-notch platforms for selling your old phone. You just have to search your device, fill in detailed information about it, and book a free pickup. This convenient way of getting a reasonable price for your old phone is really effective.

Comfortable pickup and payment options

Every customer demands a hassle-free pickup and payment process. This is exactly what can expect from reputable platforms like You get to book the pickup according to your suitability of time and address. Also, as soon as the phone gets verified, you receive your money with the preferred payment option. Isn’t it simple?


This is how you can become a Pro in sell old Mobile in India. It is just an art you need to learn. First of all, assess the current condition of your phone. Then you need to check for the market prices for the phone. Finally, you need to land on the right platform. This is the most crucial part that you can’t miss. The right decision and you get exactly what you had expected!! So next time you plan to buy another phone, first sell the old one at and earn some money for it.

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