The Dos and Don’ts of Selling Your Old Phone Online

Technophiles treat smartphones likes its disposable, constantly replacing them for a new one. It’s difficult to resist the impulse to open a new device’s box, give it a loving touch, and turn it on for the first time. The life of smartphones isn’t cheap. As part of your upgrading practices, it’s a good notion to consider selling old phones. This makes it simpler to pay for your future phone and will please another tech nut.

Here are few tips of the dos and don’ts to follow to in order to get as easy and smooth transaction as possible. These pointers will equip you adequately for selling phones.

Let’s dive in!

Tips for the Do’s while selling your old phone online

Be specific and Honest

There are two types of buyers -those who are specific about what they want and those who browse to see what might catch their attention.

Whichever type of customer you sell to, it’s always beneficial to be as specific as you can. Be honest and don’t exaggerate the capabilities or state of your product. These interpersonal exchanges are dependent on trust.


Remember smartphone market moves really quickly. Be prompt when selling smartphones because most flagship models become outdated in a matter of months. The longer you wait, the more your phone’s value will dwindle.

Attempt to sell the phone before a newer generation is introduced. People enjoy knowing that the phone they are purchasing is the “latest” in its class.

Appearance Matters

When buyers see awful pictures of a dirty phone, They’re less likely to buy it. It only makes you wonder how well the phone was cared for by the previous owner given the photographs he’s using to sell it show dirt and smudges. It’s an unsettling sight, so please clean the gadget well and take the best photos you can.

“sell the sizzle, not the steak” This will help you gain more possible buyers.

Decide on a price you will sell it for

You should always have an approximate notion of the price at which you will accept to sell it. Of course, you must investigate your phone’s type or brand, as well as its current market value. The length of time you have used it also influences the state of your phone. All of this adds up to the worth of the phone.

Tips for the Do’s while selling your old phone online

Don’t forget to Backup all your Data

Another crucial consideration that many people overlook is backing up your data before selling your phone. You might not be able to get it back if you delete all of the data from the phone before selling it, so back up all of your images, documents, music, contacts, files, and so on.

Don’t forget to Reset and format your phone

Remember to reset or format your phone before selling it. Anyone could try to misuse your phone’s data, which could include photographs, documents, files, or other contacts. As a result, before selling your phone,

always reset or reboot it.

Don’t take a chance for a meetup with a stranger

There are several methods available if you want to sell your smartphone. You can do it through your networks and with the aid of social media, but there is a potential that you will be scammed and taken advantage of, so it is best not to take that chance. Instead of meeting up with a suspicious stranger, you would be better off selling your phone to a third party buyer.

Sell Online

One of the simplest and most popular ways to sell things today is online. A lot of people who could be interested in purchasing your phone can be reached by selling your old phone online. Additionally, online portals and websites like provide good value for your phone. Online  websites like mobilegoo is the best place to provide all services at your doorstep and all the process is done online with instant payments.

Advantages of Using MobileGoo

When you sell your old phone to MobileGoo, you are not only contributing to environmental preservation but also benefit personally. MobileGoo offers competitive prices for old phones, allowing you to earn some extra cash while doing your part for the environment. Additionally, MobileGoo ensures that your personal data is securely wiped from the device, protecting your privacy.

To get some quick and simple money, you can just sell your old smartphone. Since there are people who cannot afford to acquire a new phone, many people are usually prepared to buy used mobile phones that are in good functioning condition. There are numerous businesses that will buy your used mobile phones and give you cash in return.

It is best to sell your phone before it shuts down and becomes obsolete. With time, everything deteriorates, but electronics in particular. Get the greatest value deals and services from mobilegoo and don’t hesitate to test out the financial advantages of selling your old smartphone and saving money for your new gadgets.

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