Turn Your Old Phone into Cold Cash: The Ultimate Selling Guide!

Who wants their wrecked-up phones taking the space at home? Certainly nobody! Our space at home is quite precious. If you sell old phone online, you save space. That is pretty obvious. But wait! The twist is that you get money to declutter your home. Yes! You can sell your old phone and earn a decent amount against it. 

Many potential buyers would be more than happy to upgrade their phones by purchasing your old ones. Do you wonder how you can earn some cold cash by selling your used phone? Let us help you:

1. Delete and Unlink: The Phone Detox: 

Earning money is a lot easier when you know where to begin. Want to sell used phone online or offline? Before you wave goodbye, give your old phone a digital detox for privacy purposes. Remove all the data you have stored in it. You should unlink all your Google or any other accounts and delete the data. Restore the old phone to its factory settings. Take a backup of all the important information so that you can transfer it to another phone. Now, this phone will give a fresh start to the new owner.

2. Cosmetic Charm: The First Impression: 

First impression matters a lot. You should ensure a good physical appearance of your old device. You have cleared the data and restored the phone to its original factory settings. It looks new from the inside. By enhancing its appearance, you can give a new-like look to the device. You need not get the screen repaired if it is broken, just wipe it properly and make it presentable. 

3. Do Your Homework: Market Research is important: 

You have not cleaned the old phone from the inside out just to keep it useless. It is time for some homework. You need to research the marketplace where you want to sell used phones. Start by analyzing the type of market. Would you rather go for an offline seller or sell your used phone online? If offline, then do you do any reputable seller? If online, which platform should you rely on?  Shortlist the best options.

4. Answer the Questions about Features and Specifications: 

If you prefer popular platforms like MobileGoo.in then you have already reached halfway. Now you need to visit the website and then select the device from the list. Now you will be asked to answer some basic questions related to the device. If you want to earn good cash, then answer all the details very specifically. Overall, you need to describe the current condition of your old phone. Schedule the pick up and soon your phone will reach the experts.

 Cash in Hand: Celebrate Your Success 

Get ready for a happy ending. You have successfully managed to get cold cash by selling your old phone. Wasn’t it an easy process? It definitely is with MobileGoo.in. Not only you have earned a decent amount but also decluttered the space. Also, don’t worry about finding a potential buyer. You are no more reliable to look out for another buyer. It is our work now. Now you know how to sell old phone online. Enjoy this extra money!!

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