How to take data backup before you sell your old mobile phone?

Upgrading to a better phone is a heavenly feeling. We tend to get excited about using a different device that is much better than our current phone. During this happy feeling, we go Gaga on the new phone’s arrival. This over-excitement can sometimes cause us severe damage.

We can’t enjoy the experience of a new phone without having access to our older data which is precious to us. The shock of losing all the important data while the transition to a new phone is a nightmare. We can’t afford this trauma. All our photos, videos work-related documents, and files are usually stored in phones. Messing up this necessary stuff means serious trouble.

So what can be done? Always take a backup of your data before you sell old phones. No! It is not rocket science. It is quite easy. Let us understand how can you take backup of your treasure trove and protect it safely:

Locate and backup necessary information

Before you start taking the backup of your data, make sure you identify the data that you want to secure. Delete all the unnecessary storage in contacts, photos, videos documents, text messages, apps, call logs, and files. This step will ensure that you don’t take a backup of unnecessary data.

Use built-in backup features

You can directly use the in-built service of your phone. If you are an Android user, you can take a backup of your data by:

Going to Settings> System> Backup> Back up to Google Drive. This way, all your data will be saved in Google Drive before you sell old phones online.

If you are an iPhone user, you can take data backup by:

Going to Settings> your name> iCloud> Backup> Back up now

Finally, everything will be secured in iCloud.

Take a backup of your important data

Photos and Videos: All of our memories are saved in our phone gallery these days. We can’t take a chance of losing them.

As an Android user, you can ensure the data safety of photos and videos by uploading them to Google Photos. All iPhone users can maintain the security of their photos and videos with the help of iCloud. Upload everything in these in-built cloud-based services.

To save your contacts, use Google Account or iCloud.

Finally, go for a full device backup: Once you have saved all your important data, you can perform a Backup and Reset that is built into your phone.

Factory reset your phone

This is a safe habit to perform!! After successfully backing up your data, you should wipe your phone clean.

If you are an iPhone user, go to Settings> General> Reset> Erase all content and settings.

As an Android user go to Settings> System> Reset> Factory data reset.

The bottom line

Finally, you can celebrate. You have a real reason to get excited. You are going to upgrade your phone after experiencing a smooth old phone selling journey. Also, you are not going to lose any of your important data. You don’t need to part ways from the precious data. Taking the backup of your is very simple. Also, you don’t have to worry about your old phone.

Just sell it smoothly on There should be no hurdle in your entire journey of switching from an old phone to a new one. Selling the old phones on an ideal platform is what you exactly need!!

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