What to do before you sell an old Android Phone?

Are you damn excited about upgrading to a new phone? Well, having butterflies in the stomach is common while buying a new device. Most people plan to sell old Android phones before they switch to new ones.

 Are you also planning to list your phone for sale? Wait!! You need not rush into selling your used mobile. There are a couple of necessary things that you should know before putting your phone for sale.

Understanding the importance of these things will offer you a smooth and secure selling experience. For a safe transition, you should know that you can’t get rid of your used phone just by purchasing a new one. Here are the things that you must explore before selling the old Android mobile:

Backup you data

Obviously, this step is like the main ingredient of a recipe. You can’t give away your phone without transferring your data to another device. Sometimes in the heat of excitement, we tend to forget about data backup, and all our personal stuff is lost. This is a nightmare. As an Android user, you can take the help of Google Drive or any other third-party apps to back up your data swiftly. Make sure your contacts, photos, videos, and essential documents are backed up properly. Now you can easily transfer your data into a new phone without losing anything.

Remove your Google Account

You won’t like it if someone else has access to all your Google Accounts. These accounts are very personal to us and we have a plethora of professional data stored in it. You can go to the settings and in the Accounts tab, remove your Google account. Now your phone won’t have any access to your Google account credentials. No unauthorized activity will occur.

Factory reset

Taking a backup of your data is not enough. You need to erase everything stored in this used device. Revive your phone into its original condition by performing a factory reset. This step is crucial to maintain personal privacy of your information.

Remove your SIM Card and Memory card

Sometimes we tend to skip this important thing. Forgetting about the SIM card and Memory card can bring us a lot of problems as your information may pass to the new user. So it is recommended that you remove these cards from your phone safely before you sell old used Android phones.

Bottom line

Selling your old devices is probably the best idea ever. You will earn some extra cash. We all love money. You can use this amount to purchase your dream phone or save it for other expenses. Also, you are helping the environment by not increasing electronic waste.

There is only one red flag!! Not choosing the right platform. Even after you follow all the above-mentioned tips, if you pick an unreliable platform, everything will go to waste. You need to make wise moves when you sell used Android phones. You can go for MobileGoo.in. This is an ideal platform that lets you sell your devices smoothly and safely. You can finally sell your phone and upgrade it without any hassle!!

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