Selling Old Phones : A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you someone who finds it difficult to sell old phones? Well, nobody is a born PRO in this field. It is never too late to learn something useful.

Phones are an important part of our lives. We all need it. But we still doubt that who will purchase our old phone, and selling Second hand phones must be a daunting task. This is not today’s reality. There is a potential buyer even for your used phone. You don’t have to worry about it.

There are people who would love to use your phone and pay a reasonable amount for it. Do you want to get rid of your fear of selling old phones? Let us guide you on how you can sell old phones like a PRO:

Decide how you want to sell

The entire journey of selling phones can’t be the same for everyone. Some people are really comfortable with their traditional way of dealing the life. They prefer offline things over choosing online platforms. If you are someone who wants to sell the phone, then firstly you need to decide your mode of selling the phone. Are you comfortable with the online selling method or offline selling process? There are different pros and cons of both. You can decide according to your convenience.

Online vs offline phone selling journey

What has to be done if somebody wants to sell an old phone offline?

Well, you will have to go through the tiresome journey of showcasing your old phone to different people and sources, convincing them, finding a potential buyer, discussing and negotiating the price with the prospect, and then meeting the buyer personally to hand over the device.

You can find this way easy or difficult according to your personality. Some people can deal with unknown people without any issue while some might feel awkward to go and meet someone unknown and crack a successful deal with them.

What has to be done if somebody wants to sell an old phone online?

Selling mobiles online is comparatively convenient. You don’t have to go through this entire phone-selling journey by yourself. There are platforms that help you at every step. You can start researching reliable companies that help people sell their phones. Read their reviews and testimonials by customers. Look out for their reputation in the market. Compare their services with other popular companies. After cross-checking everything about the company, you can proceed further to sell your old phone.

How to sell used phones online?

Once you have found a reputable phone selling platform like, your job is almost done. Now you have to visit their website to begin with this hassle-free mobile selling journey. Find your phone in the vast list of phones. Then you will be asked to tell everything about the phone. Be honest while sharing information about the phone and its current condition.

This step is very crucial, so pay attention to every question. The information you have provided will be submitted to the company. You will be asked to schedule a pickup. Now it is very important to pick a platform like that gives you the freedom to choose the time, date, and location for phone pickup.

 It offers a huge convenience. Soon your phone will be picked up and reach the company. The expert technicians will cross-verify the condition of the phone and you will get instant payment. Deal done!! Phone sold.


This is how you can sell the phone without actually going through the extensive journey of selling it. Choosing offline means to sell used phones can be tricky and risky. The concept of online selling phones has gained huge popularity due to the way it presents ease to people. Why to entertain challenges when you have a simple and sorted way available? brings a quick way of selling a phone and getting a reasonable amount for it. No delays!! Only for your convenience!!

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