Your Smartphone Screen Could be in Danger – Here’s How to Protect It

We love our smartphones. We take them everywhere with us, we use them for everything, and we can’t imagine our lives without them. But what happens when our smartphone screen get cracks, dents, scratches or damaged?

It’s not just an eyesore. A cracked screen can also ruin the user experience and then it doesn’t matter what’s the cost of your phone and how popular the model you are using. It can make it difficult to see what’s on the screen, it can make it harder to touch and interact with the phone, and it can even make the phone more vulnerable to further more damage.

“Mirrors are only beautiful when they sparkle, and the same is true for smart phone screens.”

If you’ve ever had a cracked smartphone screen, you know how frustrating it can be. You can’t use your phone to its full potential, and you’re always worried about it getting more worse. According to the survey, 71% of mobile screen repairs are due to screen damage, which is closely followed by difficulties relating to starting (8%), device damage (6%), water-damage (3%), software, and charging (2%).

Let’s look into various types of damages which happen to a phone display, the reason behind them and how you can avoid or fix these damages- 


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  • Scratches

Scratches can occur on the phones screen through various reasons, the common causes includes -dropping off your phone it is likely one of the most common causes of scratches. Because today’s phones are so thin, they can easily slip out of your grip and be dropped and get scratches ,another common reason is Making Use of Your Pocket Many people use their pockets to free up their hands so they can get on with whatever they’re doing, but this can damage your phone’s screen. If you keep your phone in the same pocket as your keys or coins, it is more likely that the screen may be scratched.

  • Cracks

A crack is one of the most common problem faced by smart phone users there are many causes of a cracked phone screens such as hitting your phone against something heavy such as a table, wall etc which leads to leave a crack on your mobile screen another cause can be exposing your screen to extreme temperature which makes the screen weak and make it more likely to crack.

  • Unresponsive Touch Screens

It is a serious concern to smartphone screens when the screen does not respond to touch input. It can be caused by Accidental spills, moisture exposure or other water damages.

  • Shade

Another sort of damage that can occur on smartphone devices or screens is shade. This happens when a section of the screen becomes shaded or dark, making it impossible to see or view content on that section of the screen. Shading can occur for variety of causes, including a defective LCD or OLED layer, faulty backlights, or poor display connector location. It can also happen as a result of overheating or water damage.


  • Poor Handling

Poor handling of smart phones is the leading source of the majority of the damages, keeping the phone here and there, dropping it several times, and being hit by tables and walls. All of this poor handling causes physical damage to your phone. Keeping it safe in your pockets, bags, etc will assist to protect your smartphone’s screen and display.

  • Physical Impacts

The most prevalent cause of smartphone screen damage is physical impact. Accidental drops, bumps, and collisions can cause screen cracks or shatters. The extent of the damage is determined by the force of the impact and the fall angle. A little drop can cause serious damage at times, whereas a larger impact may only cause moderate damage at other times. Using a protective case and screen protector is the best method to avoid this type of damage.

  • Extreme Temperature

Avoid exposing the phone to high temperatures, like as leaving it in a hot car or using it in cold weather. Extreme temperatures might harm the phone’s screen and other components.


  • Use a protective layer

One of the first things individuals should do after purchasing a new phone is to cover the screen with tempered glass or a screen guard. This actively protects your screen not only from scratches, but also from breaking/shattering if your phone falls out of your grasp.

  •  Phone case

There are numerous phone cases in the market today. These are not just for protecting your body, but if you choose the appropriate sort, they will also protect your screen. Find one with slightly larger border edges and fold over from the sides so that if your phone falls, it will cover the sides rather than the screen.

  • Use pop-sockets

The goal is to keep your phone in place. If you are clumsy, the most dangerous threat to your screen is you. To improve your hold on your phone, you can use accessories such as pop-sockets. It will assist you in avoiding any unintentional falls and subsequent damage.

  • Being aware of your surrounds

When you are not totally aware of your surroundings, you frequently harm your screen. For example, you might position your phone on the edge of a high table or rest your phone screen on a table. Small dents and scrapes can be avoided with a little care and awareness.

  • Avoid Water Exposure

Keep the phone away from water and other liquids. If the phone becomes wet, switch it off immediately and completely dry it. To absorb moisture, use a bag of rice or a specialised phone drying kit.

You may save money and protect your phone from harm by understanding the causes of smartphone display damage and implementing preventative actions. If you are considering purchasing a new phone due to these damages, I would recommend having it repaired and selling it at a decent price on With exchange programmes you can also sell your old phones on and purchase a refurbished one from at a discount rate.

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